Lowa specialise in the supply of architectural, commercial and industrial lighting products and solutions for the Australian market.

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Producing award winning, top quality energy saving and sustainable lighting solutions isn’t something that ‘just happens’. 

Such results are born of a shared passion for the science of lighting coupled with an approach to partnering with clients where in satisfaction is achieved across all aspects of product development, engineering, consulting, project management, installation and the commissioning process. This partnership ensures products are chosen with an appreciation of the aesthetic form, lighting performance and the delivery of genuine cost benefits through harnessing human centric lighting design. The outcomes are reductions in energy consumption and measurable returns on investment.

And a feeling of family.

The LOWA LIGHTING GROUP is a 100%Australian-owned professional lighting company founded in Sydney Australia by local boys Anthony Galimi and Sal Maresca. Since 2010, the firm friends have surrounded themselves with a dedicated team of professionals who share their vision in repeatedly delivering successful outcomes in the design, manufacture and supply of architectural, commercial and industrial lighting products, lighting designs and associated turn-key-oriented project management services. Spend some time with a member of the LOWA LIGHTING GROUP and you’ll discover that this shared vision underpins the sense of family that is one of the reasons the LOWA LIGHTING GROUP have won support amongst big projects, gathering repeat business and earning itself a reputation for being one of the few lighting companies to deliver real value for their partners.  

Accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001**, the business’ focus on producing sustainable products and promoting equally sustainable business practices has seen the LOWA LIGHTING GROUP receive the Australian Good Design Award for Engineering Design in Wellness/Circadian Rhythm Lighting System for 2019 and the Lighting Council of Australia’s Best Small Business Award. 

The LOWA LIGHTING GROUP are a proud member of the Lighting Council of Australia, a recognised responsible supplier under the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC), a licensed and qualified CM3 contractor as well as being an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) for the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) since 2011 and operating as an Accredited Person (AP) for the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program since 2014.

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