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Changes to DG63 Specification

Changes to DG63 Specification

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Changes to DG63 Specification Impact Lighting Products Designed for Schools

Latest updates from the Educational Facilities Standards & Guidelines issued 14/03/2021include a number of elements specific to the DG63 Lighting Standard.

Updated design considerations include that Colour Rendering Index (CRI) for light sources must be minimum 80 or higher. Illuminance outcomes must align with Green Star levels as specified in the AS/NZS 1680 standard with maintained illuminance values achieving a uniformity of no less than the values stated in AS1680.1:2006, with an assumed standard maintenance factor of 0.8. The uniformity values achieved must be no less than the values stipulated in Table 3.2 of the AS/NZS1680 standard while the UGR (glare rating) must be calculated in accordance with the procedure outlined in Clause 8.3.3 of the AS/NZS 1680.1:2006 standard, and the calculated value must

not exceed the maximum values specified in Table 8.2 of the standard. As far as Luminaire Considerations are concerned, to ensure flicker-free lighting, the following luminaire requirements should include electronic drivers with12-bit or greater resolution.

LOWALIGHTING welcomes the continued specificity of the standards in helping ensure eye comfort, student and teacher productivity and overall well-being and we encourage any questions about how the standards are applied to our products and lighting designs. Email us on