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LOWA Lighting appointed as part of NSW Department of Education LED Lighting Upgrade

LOWA Lighting appointed as part of NSW Department of Education LED Lighting Upgrade

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Delivering Jobs and Lighting for up to 1000 NSW Schools

Australian owned and operated lighting company LOWA Lighting has been appointed to custom manufacture a range of locally designed LED lighting fixtures as part of the NSW Department of Education’s LED Lighting Upgrade Program. The program is valued at $157.8 million with LOWA’s appointment part of the first round of the program that aims to support more than 1,200 jobs across the state.

The lighting project will result in better illumination of classrooms and school facilities thus benefiting students and educators alike.

LOWA Lighting have extensive experience in delivering energy saving lighting products and turn-key support services. In recent years, the company has delivered lighting and ESS projects to more than a hundred primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in both the public and private education sectors.

An initial tranche of almost 300 schools were confirmed for the program in an announcement by the NSW Government late last month:

Starting as a family business in Homebush NSW, LOWA Lighting has proudly remained focused on providing Australian designed and manufactured products despite tough competition from overseas companies.

Anthony Princi, LOWA's Product Manager stated that in adopting an 'Australian-first' approach for this school project “we'll be developing custom products onshore that will be quality engineered to meet local requirements."

This will include new low glare fittings with excellent colour rendering that promote student eye health and productivity.

LOWA Lighting will be using locally manufactured components sourced from NSW-based providers and assembled by local hands. This project has also given the company the ability to create partnerships with other local businesses, to grow opportunities for local jobs and keep the investment based in the NSW economy.

 The LED Lighting Upgrade Program will also benefit the environment with schools saving on energy costs, reducing their carbon footprint and helping stimulate local economies, supporting hundreds of jobs in towns throughout the state in manufacturing, design, electrical services, project, facilities and installation management.