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Continued Growth Sees LOWA Lighting Appoint Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Continued Growth Sees LOWA Lighting Appoint Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

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Technology & Innovation Specialist to Drive Continued Growth

As part of LOWA Lighting’s “Smart Road” strategic plan for its second decade of operation, we would like to formally introduce our new Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Fredrik Pehrsson.

Hard work and a relentless focus on customer value has resulted in LOWA Lighting experiencing extraordinary growth over the past few years. We remain in a rapid growth phase despite the challenges of COVID and the issues faced by many of our competitors. As we continue to grow, a larger organisation brings forth both challenges and opportunities. This requires that we not only refine our processes, organisation and responsibilities but also introduce new technologies and systems that will enable us to handle more extensive and demanding client requirements while at the same time increase our return to stakeholders.

Continued growth within LOWA Lighting has recently seen new air lines added to Assembly Desks to increase efficiencies.

Besides key operations like Sales & Marketing and Production & Logistics we also need dedicated strategic management of our Product Development and an overall responsibility for driving innovation through the company. By bringing Fredrik into the senior management team, we have formed a governance structure that can support LOWA Lighting’s transformation into a more scalable, efficient and customer-centric organisation.

The Chief Technology & Innovation Officer is a crucial role responsible for driving the business’ development through technology as well as managing innovation across the company. Having a dedicated focus on this will help the business shift from being a traditional order/supply company to being one that uses the latest in systems and technologies and positions the business for both Industry 4.0 and to act as a true value partner for our clients.

We believe Fredrik is the right person to manage this at LOWA Lighting.

Fredrik has migrated from his native Sweden to take on the role of Chief Technical & Innovation Officer at LOWA Lighting and is leveraging from well over a decade of management of R&D, Business Building, and international Sales and Marketing in both large and small companies. Fredrik has spent the last decade with the global truck and bus manufacturer Scania where he most recently headed the innovation management department. Before that, he spent five years heading the interior usability and lighting ergonomics design team.

Fredrik has successfully built and led multinational high-performing teams to operational excellence several times over and we look forward to him doing the same with LOWA Lighting.

- from Sal & Anthony -