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At Lowa Lighting, we take great satisfaction in our customer connections. As an Australian and family-operated business, our values and principles are evident in every member of our team. Whether it's our lighting design specialists or project management team, we assist our customers throughout the entire journey, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience from beginning to end.

Australian Made (Manufacturing).

Leveraging from our business success, we have developed manufacturing capabilities that have enabled us to enter new market segments and build on our local Australian content, successfully completing one of the largest awarded contracts in Australia for the NSW government by upgrading over 1200 schools throughout NSW.

We have relocated

Our new Manufacturing facility at Arndell Park will be purpose built to enable Lowa Lighting to continue to strive for the highest Australian content in our product portfolio.

Lighting Design.

Our Lighting design team possess a critical understanding for diverse commercial projects, lighting science, and the design & construction process. These are key factors when driving successful outcomes to illuminating diverse applications. Beit across Urban lighting projects, upgrades & energy savings projects, Interior office spaces, Infrastructure, façade projects and many more our design team have a superior understanding for lighting standards and the varied challenges that arise. Our design team are proficient in lighting calculation, rendering & CAD software including AGI32, PTB, Dialux & AutoCAD.

Our lighting designers have proven experience in applying the following standards to all retrofit projects:
• Interior and Workplace Lighting (AS 1680)
• Lighting for Roads and Public Spaces (AS 1158)
• Sports Lighting (AS 2560)
• Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting (AS 4282)
• Emergency Lighting Requirement (AS 2293)

Project Management.

Our project managers efficiently manage critical site activity maintaining constant communication with stakeholders and sub contractors to ensure the successful completion of each project.
Our PMs engage stakeholders throughout the critical phases including design, selection, planning, construction and approvals. They ensure adaptability of site works relative to variations, unknown risks & unexpected site findings that may arise.

Examples include Identification of asbestos & applied planning for mitigation on lighting upgrade projects or identification of preparatory allowances such as pre-issuance of luminaire castings on new build projects.

Product Design, Electrical Testing & Compliance.

Our dedicated product team deliver superior product solutions utilising advance skills in Industrial design & expertise in key design software (Solidworks), BiM file generation & file management, 3D printing, thermal & optic design plus more.

With vast experience across electrical safety and ensuring strict product testing standards Lowa Lighting’s products conform to the highest certification standards.

Retrofit Energy

We provide a complete turnkey lighting solutions service, specialising in providing our customers with high-quality lighting solutions that not only save energy and money but also enhance their overall wellbeing. We believe that lighting plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and inviting environment, and we strive to create lighting solutions that promote a healthy and productive atmosphere.

Who We Work With.

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Commercial Lighting Supply

Lowa Products
Accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001**, the business’ focus on producing sustainable products and promoting equally sustainable business practices has seen the LOWALIGHTING GROUP receive the Australian Good Design Award for Engineering Design in Wellness/Circadian Rhythm Lighting System for 2019 and the Lighting Council of Australia’s Best Small Business Award.

P.U.K. is an Italian Architectural Lighting group that specialise in the study and creation of lighting solutions for architectural and outdoor applications. PUK are an ambitious and determined team of lighting professionals focussed on delivering projects that are unique and nothing short of spectacular. PUK have worked on groundbreaking projects all over the world with architects, lighting designers and consultants of international acclaim. Their endless pursuit in exceeding established goals is sure to add a touch of brilliance to clients' projects. 

SG Lighting are a Norwegian Lighting Manufacturer with operations in more than 30 countries globally. With a strong focus on producing Lighting fixtures and solutions in accordance with the highest standards, SG are able to ensure that their products withstand the physical conditions found within the varied landscapes within their global reach. SG Manufacture components are 99% recyclable and satisfy high environmental standards with a design focus that emphasises the ways in which a luminaire's interaction with its environment will help it achieve optimal lighting effects. 

Manufacturing and Product Customisation

We excel in product development with a team that includes industrial designers, lighting development engineers and experts in R&D. The team has a proven track record in designing products that meet the particular requirements of industrial or commercial spaces while designing to aesthetic and performance requirements.

Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Since 2010 LOWA Lighting has successfully completed over 500 projects and created over 600,000 ESCs across a diverse range of industries and government sectors. LOWA Lighting provides superior turnkey solutions for our clients that minimise their energy usage and environmentalImpact. 

Our approach;
- Installation & operations data collection Design & performance modelling Development of option - Decision making
- Implementation
- Operationalservices and monitoring

Lighting Design Services

Professional Lighting Design Services
Professional lighting design ensures that lighting is deployed in the best possible way. As a member of the Lighting Council of Australia, LOWALIGHTING’s design services comply toIES standards and utilise the appropriate lighting specification to suit specific international codes (eg. sporting codes such as FIFA, ARU, et. al.) or relevant interior and /or exterior lighting to the requisite AS/NZS standards.  

Project Management

Helping you venture power ahead
To ensure successful delivery of all our projects, we assign a dedicated LOWA Lighting Project Manager, who works in collaboration with our clients and installers to ensure a smooth process throughout each phase of the project from initial scope through to commissioning. LOWA Projects is the project arm of LOWA Lighting and was formed to meet the specific needs of the commercial and government sectors. LOWA Projects is accredited with theNew South Wales Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) and the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU)program to ensure that clients receive maximum return on investment outlays and make the most of rebates and incentives available to businesses from local, state and federal energy incentive schemes (where applicable).